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AI Improving Contact Center Services
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Online customer experience, preventive assistance, and even revenue stream generations are getting transformed with AI-powered digital solutions. FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is contributing immensely toward the changing dynamics...

Digital Radically Disrupts HR
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Anthony Abbatiello, Managing Director, Global Head of HR Consulting, Accenture Strategy

Digital technology is evolving at breakneck speed, changing the way businesses and governments fundamentally operate in a wide variety of ways. HR is no different. As digital enables talent management to become more democratized and more of an...

Big Data Makes It Huge for Marketers
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In the modern age, where knowledge is global and technological advancement is evident, it is essential to decipher the value that Big Data holds for us. Big Data might be difficult for marketers, but a thorough search with the help of different...

3 Technologies That Will Revolutionize HR Functions
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To narrow the communication gap between HR personnel and employees, and to augment their HR processes, organizations are leveraging the latest HR technologies. FREMONT, CA: Automation is changing human society, bringing significant changes...

Who Runs Retail? The Machines
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Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing, Euromonitor International

The arrival of Big Data and the ability to process it have led to improvements in machine learning, creating new use cases for this technology. As a result, machine learning, algorithms that execute tasks without preprogrammed rules, has become a...

Technologies in Retail Industry Delivering Truly Customer-First Experience
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FREMONT, CA: Of course, retailers are already making major investments in tech: Wal-Mart alone has spent over 10.5 billion dollars on IT and tops the list of the world’s greatest technological investors. However, many retailers struggle to...

Technology in Textiles-Bedding
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Brian Parnes, CIO, Down Lite International

Technology in the textile industry, specifically bedding, ranges from outdated equipment on a production floor to state of the art automated lines, home-grown ERP systems to full-fledged SAP installations. In between all of this are mounds of...

How Procurement can Support an "I Need It Yesterday" Request from IT
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Susanne Wrage, Senior Director , Center of Excellence, Denali Sourcing Services

To be competitive, organizations continually strive to do more with less and IT and Procurement departments are no different. Adding to this challenge are the number of technology initiatives undertaken by organizations to empower employees to...

Corporate Training Enhanced by Big Data
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FREMONT, CA: With proper customization methods, the extraction of data from platforms used by employees is possible, which can later be cleaned and analyzed for learning processes. Other sources of data that can be of used comprise customer...

Significance of Testing In Today's Digital Environment
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Quality Analysis (QA) is one of the most significant aspects of the software development process. QA analysts collaborate with software developers to ensure that the most utilatrian software is delivered within the stipulated time frame. The...

The Next Big Thing in QA
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Quality Assurance (QA) is a measure taken to ensure a defect-free application. Several tasks can today be performed online, creating the demand for web app testing and automation skills for web-based solutions. The automation of tests via QA...

Navigating Through the Technology Landscape of the Construction Sector
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Jon Witty, VP & GM, Sage Construction and Real Estate

Most construction companies don’t roll out the red-carpet when it comes to making big investments in information technology. In fact most construction companies will invest in almost anything else, especially if it can be charged to a job....

Three Patient Healthcare Technologies to watch out for
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Technology is accelerating like never before as all areas of business are being benefitted by it. 2018 will be one of the crucial years as it has witnessed advancements in all sectors especially the healthcare industry as innovations in IT,...

Six Methods to Improve Digital Marketing through Big Data
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Today, marketing campaigns that are leveraging the refined functionalities of Big Data are proving to be better than the traditional mass marketing strategies. In spite of this, veteran executives still look at Big Data as an exclusively technical...

Big Data: Changing the Way Logistic Companies Function Today
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Emile Zafirov, CIO, Logistics Plus

Challenges in technology to meet needs of the logistics sector Ability to integrate systems in a timely fashion, both internally and externally, and visibility are some of the biggest challenges we are dealing with. Many companies don’t...

Data Analytics In Healthcare: Silver bullet or red herring
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Marwan Kanafani, Director of Health Services Operations, Health Plan of San Mateo

There are very few things in healthcare we can all agree on. Providers, policy wonks, do-gooders, business folks-we come at this $3 trillion dollar problem attempting to “bend the cost curve” and “provide patient-centered”...

Workforce Intelligence: The Shifting Role of HR
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Morgan Turnipseed, Director of People Analytics, BBVA Compass

With the recent evolution in the realm of HR technology, there has been a rise in the number of organizations leveraging data and using it to obtain insights that drive their decision-making process. This data-driven perspective leads to a...

The Quest for Workforce Insight: Become a Superhero through Workforce Analytics
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Marc Rind, VP of Product Development & Chief Data Scientist, ADP

We’ve all heard of Big Data, but leveraging and finding value in it is no small task. Today, technology uses Big Data to learn our patterns and make recommendations on everything from where to shop to the best route to take home. Your smart...

How Will Digital Transformation Impact Enterprises In 2019?
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Over the last decade, the enterprise arena has witnessed a tremendous surge in the implementation of digital technology. Digitization has successfully revolutionized businesses worldwide and is expected to continue growing in the foreseeing...

Get Ready to Run Faster, Marketing
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Howard Kravitz, US Marketing Leader, PwC

IT is passing the baton as the next wave of digitization takes shape. It’s clear to many of us that the first great wave of digitization in the workplace has crested and passed. Most businesses are integrated into the 24/7 digital...

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