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Myth or Fact - Do Millennials "Really" Lead Digital Banking?
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Chris Barlow, VP, Mobile Banking, Webster Bank [NYSE: WBS]

Millennials, the so-called digital native group who’ve never known a world without the internet, mobile phones and social media are said to lead all the relevant trends and drive innovation at companies who must change how they do business...

CIOs Need to Know Their Business, Not Just Tech
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John Sadowski, Executive Vice President & CIO, Sandy Spring Bank [NASDAQ:SASR]

1. How would you describe the role of a CIO today in banks and other financial institutions? John Sadowski: I describe the role of a banking CIO as being a business partner. What I mean is that today’s CIO has to be able to understand and...

Evolving Efficiency of KYC Process
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Brad Mitchell, CIO, CTBC Bank Corp. (USA)

Regulations like the Anti Money Laundering/ Bank Secrecy Act (AML BSA) demand strong risk assessment and control of activities typically associated with money laundering. The CTBC Bank Corp. utilizes KYC processes to strongly comply with all...

Augmented Intelligence Is Improving the Customer Experience
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Tom Lutz, Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, U.S. Bancorp [NYSE: USB]

At U.S. Bank, customers and their experiences with us are central to everything we do. As we evolve with our customers, “One U.S. Bank” is the guiding principle that is transforming U.S. Bank for our employees and customers, and the...

FIME Launches TrustAPI to Streamline Open API Testing Process
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The open banking API testing solution will enable organizations to automate, digitalize, and personalize their open API testing process. FREMONT, CA: FIME, a payment testing company, recently introduced the TrustAPI, an automated test tool...

Ron Jahnke, the New VP at Waukesha State Bank Will Be Steering Private Banking
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Ron Jahnke is the new Vice President and Private Banker at Waukesha State Bank. The bank has also launched private banking. Fremont, CA: The full-service community bank of the Waukesha State will now be offering private services. Additionally,...

Data Science: Unveiling its Newest Impact on the Digital Market
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In recent years, digitalization has delivered massive data or information mechanics and analytics, which essentially caters to processes yielding better results. FREMONT, CA: Everything from technology, data interference, and algorithm...

Top Tech Trends Driving the Progress of Retail Banking
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Banks are stepping up their game technology-wise, to deliver a better customer experience. FREMONT, CA: Digitization, emerging technologies and customer demands represent important priorities for retail banks, and coming years will witness...

Best Technological Practices to Change the Future Banking
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The traditional banking industry is already on its way to transformation. Upcoming technologies that will mold banks further are in the pipeline too. FREMONT, CA: Technology is helping the banking industry evolve. In the coming years,...

Industrial Transformation with Big Data
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FREMONT, CA: Nearly 40 percent of the data in the world today depends upon the introduction of machine-to-machine information and sensors, which can affect different global enterprises such as customized medicines and carbon footprint. Big data...

Innovations that Will Define Banking
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The global banking industry is becoming more strategically focused and technologically advanced to respond to consumer expectations while trying to defend against an increasing array of competitors. A great deal of emphasis is placed on digitizing...

Emerging Technologies that can Enhance Banking Services
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Technological advancements have helped the banking industry to shed traditional processes and adopt new and innovative solutions. These solutions have helped banks to improve the efficiency of their operations and increase productivity. Many...

Banks Need to Switch Gear to Retail Banking for Healthy Portfolio
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Despite huge financial market uncertainty, the banking industry's economic outlook continues to remain positive. There is strong evidence that banking organizations around the world decipher the industry's primary trends, as well as the...

AI-driven tools for Internal Audit in the Banking Sector
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AI is an evolving technology that promises different industries a gamut of cutting-edge techniques and solutions. In areas as diverse as driverless cars, home energy systems, and investment portfolio management, AI is already being applied. It...

The Rise of Outsourcing
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Michael Wilson, EVP and CIO First Financial Bank Texas

Outsourcing in the banking industry is on the rise. From account solutions and core banking systems to research and analysis, businesses are looking to outside organizations for expertise rather than building a team internally. In fact, according...

Enhancing Banking Performance through Technology Updation
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Gary Kern, CIO, MutualBank

Banking scenario has been travelling through tremendous technological changes over the years and the companies are becoming more equipped to provide banking and customer services at an enhanced...

Delivering Business Value through Frictionless Test Automation
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Manoj Narayanan, AVP, Quality Engineering & Assurance Services, Cognizant Technology Solutions

In the world of enterprise software development, testing is viewed as a necessary evil. There is no way to commercialize software without testing—bugs are inevitable and must be fixed before the software gets out to the users. But testing...

The New Age of Outsourcing
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Jagdish Dalal, President, JDalal Associates

Niccolo Machiavelli wrote in the 14th century: "Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times." For the outsourcing industry, that time is now.  It has been almost four decades since the adoption of...

Capital One: Future of Banking
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Capital One Financial Corporation is a bank holding company specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts, headquartered in McLean, Virginia. The company offers a broad spectrum of financial products and services to...

Capital Banking Solutions: Providing Integrated Banking Software Solutions to Banks and Financial Institutions
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Provider of end-to-end, integrated banking software for businesses and offers integrated and modular products for retail, corporate and private banks

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