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Augmented Intelligence Is Improving the Customer Experience
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Tom Lutz, Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, U.S. Bancorp [NYSE: USB]

At U.S. Bank, customers and their experiences with us are central to everything we do. As we evolve with our customers, “One U.S. Bank” is the guiding principle that is transforming U.S. Bank for our employees and customers, and the...

5 Trends for Businesses to Look Forward to in 2019
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Driven by constant development in the economy, technology, and consumer expectations, the business world is continually evolving. Business leaders, emerging entrepreneurs, and technology experts are always interested in the latest trends and...

Beginning of IT Healthcare Innovation
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A strategic approach toward innovation will eventually allow organizations to make full use of the recent healthcare techniques. FREMONT, CA: As suppliers start to adopt innovative healthcare instruments, patients, physicians, and...

Technologies Cool-Off Sweats for HR But, Don't Let It Take Over
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John Jersin, Head of Recruiter & Sourcing Product, LinkedIn

1. What do you think are the biggest challenges that HR technologists face in working in a more agile and outcomes-based model? The biggest challenge I see over the next several years is getting more sophisticated about measuring and optimizing...

Women in AI Changing the Businesses for Better
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Diversity in the workplace has always been a matter of concern, but more women on AI research is bound to produce the more powerful and sturdy the technology they will provide. FREMONT, CA: A recent report observed that 80 percent of...

Winning the Race of Talent Hunt with Artificial Intelligence
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Companies across industries have increased their focus on candidate engagement, and the talent teams now have several tools at their disposal to assist. Artificial Intelligence has a great potential to make talent teams more productive while...

AI, Healthcare and High- Performance Medicine
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Dr. Chris Stout, VP, Clinical Research and Data Analytics, ATI Physical Therapy

Within a few weeks’ time I read “How Algorithms Could Bring Empathy Back To Medicine,” “How AI Is Humanizing Healthcare,” and “Making Health Care Human Again.”Each came from somewhat varied publishing...

More Patient-Centric Approach to Healthcare with AI
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The application of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry, such as home monitoring devices, wearable sensors, robotic implants, and mobile apps, not only improved efficiency in patient care, but also reduced readmission rates and...

AI-driven CRM: A New Way to Enhance Customer Experiences
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Smart AI algorithms converting transcriptions into the CRM, function as excellent platforms for customer support by pre-empting client needs and thus pre-identifying prospective client queries or problems and resolving them. FREMONT,...

Unlocking Banking Security with AI enablers
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FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence has been able to evolve into one of the most popular technologies ever, and numerous industries are utilizing the technology. The banking sector has also adopted the benefits of AI. AI is beneficial in...

Hot Trends in Mobile Marketing Founding the Next Digital Age
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FREMONT, CA: Mobile has become a fundamental gadget steering the lifestyle of the world. The Gen C (generation of connected consumers) leads to a drastic change in consumer behavior and drives involvement with smartphones for almost everything....

All-New Digital marketing Trends To Make Businesses A Big Hit
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Digital marketing is to advertise goods or services using digital technologies, mainly the internet, along with smartphones, displays, and other digital media. Seeking new competitive advantages and ways to connect with customers is an...

Refurbishing Commerce with the Digital Formula
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FREMONT, CA: Financial services are featuring the blissful era of digital transformation. Industries embrace the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and robotics give by making a difference in the everyday...

Technological Impact on Customer Experience
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Diane Magers, CEO, Customer Experience Professionals Association

Evolution of Customer Experience With all the technology advances, we find that organizations that focus on human experiences to understand what customers need and want as well as their feelings about our brand’s services and products....

Creating a Culture for IT Innovation
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Steve Rice, Deputy Chief Information Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

November 19th marked the 15-year anniversary of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the first agency charged with securing the Nation’s transportation systems from terrorist attacks. Today TSA operates in more than 450 airports...

Innovation, Operational Excellence, and Client Focus - Mayo Clinic's HR Services Trifecta
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Natalie Reinardy, Division Chair HR Services, Mayo Clinic and Cathy Fraser, CHRO, Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a magical place – where patients travel from around the world to finally find healing for their serious and complex health conditions. For over 150 years, the people of this organization have been guided by our primary...

Resisting Financial Fraud using AI and ML
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Technologies play a significant role in streamlining all aspects of businesses. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are powerful technologies that companies are using to achieve increased efficiencies and provide innovative...

Roundup of Cloud Computing Forecasts
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FREMONT, CA: Cloud computing platforms are proliferating across enterprises serving as the IT infrastructure driving new digital business. Enhanced automation and agility, need for delivering improved customer experience, increased cost...

AI and ML: Modifying the Actual Time Needed To Perform Service Tasks
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Artificial Intelligence and field service intersection is indeed not new. AI-driven applications' increasing sophistication and prevalence has brought new developments to the forefront. By using a blend of heuristics and predictive...

Significance of AI for Digital Marketing
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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is one of the fastest growing technologies in the IT industry today. The technology has revolutionized many processes and applications across industries. Digital marketing is also one of the significant...

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