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A QMS is only as Good as the People who Use it
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Boris Grinberg, Director of Quality-Assurance, Declara

A very wise manager once told me that, “even if your message contains negative data, find a way to highlight the positive, but never compromise content”. So, I’ll start with the positive. Most Quality Management Systems (QMS)...

Quality Management of Software in the Modern Enterprise - Challenges and Solutions
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Jay Nair,

Disruptive change at an ever increasing pace is the order of the day. Advancements in technology provide exciting opportunities for businesses to know their customers and their competitors better, engage their customers in new and better ways,...

Trianz: Harnessing the Cloud for Success
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A premium cloud services provider that helps clients formulate and execute their Cloud operational strategies to transform business and achieve results from a top-management point of view

QA Mentor: The Beacon of Hope for the Future of QA
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Independent software testing services provider offering more than 30 unique QA services and test automation solutions through its own unique methodologies, proprietary frameworks and developed QA products.

QualityWorks: Adding Agility to your Software Development Process
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A QA LLC that provides new project support, SCAMPI team support, nearshoring consultancy and various other QA consulting services along with QA architechture services and test management services

Hurix Systems: Innovating Digital Learning through Technology
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A technology based solutions provider that specializes in e-learning, eCommerce, web based application testing and automation testing

Gallop Solutions: Leveraging Specialist Testing Services
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A Software testing company that specializes in Co-located testing services, Software Testing Services, Test Automation, Agile Automation, HP QC Training, HP QTP/QC Customization, Test Automation Accelerator and Requirements Testing Framework

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