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Digital Radically Disrupts HR
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Anthony Abbatiello, Managing Director, Global Head of HR Consulting, Accenture Strategy

Digital technology is evolving at breakneck speed, changing the way businesses and governments fundamentally operate in a wide variety of ways. HR is no different. As digital enables talent management to become more democratized and more of an...

Delivering an Elevated Customer Experience Requires an Agile Retail Technology Platform
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Perry Kramer, SVP & Practice Lead at Boston Retail Partners

Retailers that are thriving— and there are lots of them— anticipate and react to consumers’demand for an enhanced and continuously changing retail experience. Retailers that have successfully anticipated the changing customer...

The Indispensable Role of Individualization in HR space
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Mark Bocianski, VP, Global Head of Talent and Learning at Western Union

Talent management, also known as human capital management, encompasses critical processes such as recruitment, selection, learning, training and development, competency management, succession planning, among others. With effective management,...

Digital Marketing: New Way to Establish Brand Identity
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Digital marketing has emerged as the prime trend that can contribute towards boosting the brands’ market value. Enabling businesses to reach large audiences digital marketing tools are instrumental in establishing and expanding an...

Technology Changes to Supply Chains Demand Good Leadership
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Kevin Glynn, VP and CIO, DSC Logistics

Our work in the supply chain is changing rapidly as we implement new technology. Our leadership challenge as CIOs and IT leaders is not only to describe what the new technology will do, but also to help people understand how their jobs will...

Enterprise Architecture, Technology and their Relationship
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Michael King, VP, Enterprise Architecture, Lloyds Banking Group

When I was approached to write this article, I had multiple, somewhat conflicting reactions. The first prevailing reaction was excitement and gratitude for being granted the opportunity to write about something other than my internal design...

It's 2018
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Timothy Oliver, CIO, Horry County

The angst of every CIO is to have to budget for today, for dollars that won’t be spendable for at least six months. Worse yet, is projecting a five to seven year CIP. It is obvious, today’s budget dollars may be spent on technologies...

The Transformation of IT Services
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Joel Steigelfest, CIO, Oasis Outsourcing

The role of the CIO is to be an integral member of the executive team focused on accelerating business success through proposing technology-enabled business opportunities, process optimization/ automation and user experiences that match...

Looking Forward to Decentralized Communication
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Matthew Hodgson, Director, Amdocs [NASDAQ:DOX]

1. How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years? Amdocs provides mass-market UC solutions to Telcos, rather than fo­cusing on operating its own internal UC solutions. 2. What do you think are the biggest...

Designing Virtualization Using Optimized Cloud Networks
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Pari Bajpay, VP Services Design, AT&T

AT&T is making some key paradigm shifts with its Domain 2.0 design frame­work for de­signing virtualized services that run on an optimized de­terministic cloud. This agile and adapt­able design framework enables AT&T to...

Using the Power of Analytics to Market Your Enterprise Services Business More Effectively
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Shama Hyder, Founder and CEO of Marketing Zen

How are you currently using big data in your business? To expand your customer intelligence and provide better customer service? To improve the efficiency of your operations and revamp your processes? Did you know you can also use big data to...

Strategic Delivery,Tactical Pricing- 3 Tips to Help with the Service Delivery Chasm
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Tracey Richardson, VP-Recruitment Outsourcing Practice Leader, Agile-1

Agile-1 designs and develops global workforce and procurement solutions by combining innovative talent procurement technologies and programs. Outsourcing has become a part of everyday business. Whether it is to save time, money, add expertise...

Tech Mahindra to Modernize the U.S. State of Nevada's Department of Motor Vehicles
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DALLAS, TX: The Department of Motor vehicles (DMV) of the state of Nevada Chooses Tech Mahindra, a solutions integration services provider, to modernize the DMV operations of the state. The company will be the prime systems integrator for the...

Adapting to the Cloud Without Compromising Security
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Michael Bouchet,

Public cloud means many things to different people. Enterprise usage of cloud today ranges across the spectrum-from no cloud movement at all to outsourcing everything to public cloud providers, and every flavor in between. Some enterprises have...

Configuration Management Takes to the Cloud
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Anand Mylavarapu, Director of Configuration Management, CNSI & John Harding, Director of Operations & Infrastructure

Configuration Management (CM), as a discipline for supporting software development, has been around for half a century and has evolved into standard practice within traditional Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes. A well-designed CM...

The Key to Good Asset Management: Bring Your Data to Life
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John Nichols, Chief Architect &

One of the biggest challenges for any organization is managing IT assets— keeping them current and updated. The complexity of billions of dollars’ worth of IT assets spread across thousands of miles of service territory or around the...

What Has Your Intranet Site Done for You Lately?
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Bob Summers,

Increase the performance of your field workforce by turning your Intranet site into an employee and field-location-specific set of portals with Workflow. Like most companies of any size, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits (a Florida-based chain of...

The Next Generation of Outsourcing Delivery Models& Value Creation Dynamics
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Tripathi Amarish, Vice President, Sogeti

New technology has brought a rapid increase in customer expectations—leaving firms with the need to deliver high quality products/services quickly, at an optimal price point in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. As a result, the...

Digital Radically Disrupts HR
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Anthony Abbatiello,

Digital technology is evolving at breakneck speed, changing the way businesses and governments fundamentally operate in a wide variety of ways. HR is no different. As digital enables talent management to become more democratized and more of an...

Creating an Agile Organization through DevOps
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Jeffrey Palermo, Chief Executive Officer, Clear Measure

There is a lot of confusion about DevOps, and if you ask three people what it is, you’re likely to get three different answers. Yet, the growing popularity of DevOps is due in large part to the benefits it brings to...

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