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Competing in the Healthcare Sector by Leveraging AI and Blockchain
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Increased adoption of AI and cognitive technologies in the healthcare sector has gained potential. Market players including IBM, Microsoft, and Google have invested to provide cognitive computing in start-up companies. Market segmentation in...

Technology's Role as Interpreting Becomes More Important
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David Fetterolf, President, Stratus Video Interpreting

Where would modern translation and interpretation be without technology? Imagine overcoming a language barrier even as recently as one hundred years ago. You would have to transcribe the spoken language by hand, translate your transcription to the...

Checking the Pulse of Cloud Based Services: Rethinking Definitions and Future Benefits
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Dr Mark Zecca, CIO, Kyriba Ltd

I don’t know why I feel a little territorial every time I hear the word Cloud coming from one of our sales or marketing guys. The term has taken so many twists and turns in the last 20 years, so I thought that a short respite to look where...

Tip Toe through Technology
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Stacey Brull, Sr. Director, Research, Education, Informatics and Magnet, Baltimore, MD

Education technology, often referred to as Edtech, is gaining importance in enhancing learning experiences especially in the K-12 sector. Kids are using apps, like Motion Math, to learn fractions, proportions, and economics. Utilizing games and...

The Challenges for Higher Education
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Kim Peretti, VP, Adobe Training Services

The times are changing and this is how the song goes. And it rings especially true for Higher Education. With globalization of our world and accelerating pace of technological innovation,our current higher education systems will face challenges in...

What's Really Better: Workforce Training Or Four-Year College?
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Stuart Udell, CEO, K12

Graduation season is upon us. Corporate recruiters will soon be flooded with resumes from eager young people looking to land their first jobs. But their job hunt may take a while. That’s because more than half of U.S. employers surveyed say...

From Madmen to Modern Marketers
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Clay Stobaugh, EVP & CMO, John Wiley and Sons

The age of the Madison Avenue man or aptly named “Madmen”, once they became television entertainment  themselves, focused on brand positioning and “unique selling propositions”. Television was the medium of maximum...

Migrating Office to the Cloud
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Mark Horbal,CIO, SpringBIG Inc.

As a historically dominant leader in the Office Suite space, Microsoft Office TEMPhas always been the obvious go-to solution. Introduction of Office 365 brings the solution to the cloud, a much-needed move for Microsoft. This introduction creates...

Big Data : Delivering More with Less
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Jeff Cotrupe, Industry Director, Big Data and Analytics, Stratecast Frost & Sullivan

Hype Vs Reality in Big   Data  “We ourselves sometimes speak   about ‘Big Data solutions,’ but in   reality what our Stratecast Big Data   & Analytics practice is about...

Compsys: Computing Simplified
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