PALO ALTO, CA: Viptela- a provider of Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions- and LiveAction- a provider of network visualization solutions- announces amalgamation between Viptela’s SEN platform and LiveAction’s LiveNX to provide customers with comprehensive end-to-end network visibility for SD-WAN deployment planning, operation and service assurance.

Viptela and LiveAction combine to provide large enterprises the ability to monitor their SD-WAN infrastructure via proper methodology which enables them to manage the entire lifecycle of their SD-WAN deployment via three different steps: Planning, Deployment and Management.

LiveAction’s LiveNX

LiveNX is a visualization and analytics engine that monitors application traffic on an end-to-end basis in real time to identify changes associated with network problems. It has the capability of consuming any form of network generated metadata including flow, SNMP and IPFIX to qualify SD-WAN Return-On-Investment.

Viptela’s SEN Platform

The Viptela SEN (Secure Extensible Network) platform allows private and public IP connections such as MPLS, wireless LTE/4G, broadband and Ethernet to coordinate with each other and provide application requirements based on geographic location and bandwidth. Application requirements vary depending upon whether they are based in the branch office, campus, data centre or cloud.

The technology selects pilot sites when planning SD-WAN deployments, identifies unsanctioned applications and end users, and establishes network utilization baselines which are used for right-sizing. LiveNX’s real-time visualization verifies Viptela SEN policies, assuring zero impact on the services during restriction of electrical power or abnormal events. It allows administrators to manage performance and mitigate problems by monitoring bandwidth and visualizing path control before they affect users.

“The Viptela-LiveAction partnership provides customers the visibility and agility they need to quickly identify and fix problems before they can impact network performance and business operations,” says Ramesh Prabagaran, Vice President, Product Management and Partnerships, Viptela. “Applying LiveAction’s real-time and retrospective visualization capabilities to network intelligence provided by our vManage application simplifies SD-WAN planning, monitoring and troubleshooting.”