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Version 3.0 of EXTEN Technologies - EXTEN HyperDynamic is in the Market

By ESOutlook | Tuesday, August 20, 2019


EXTEN Technologies, a pioneer in the field of NVMe over Fabrics software applications, has made available a third-generation of its award-winning storage software, the EXTEN HyperDynamic.

FREMONT, CA: The EXTEN HyperDynamic, a storage software solution provides the best performance available with even lesser than one microsecond of overhead latency for even the most challenging data centers from across the world.

Now, EXTEN Technologies has made the third version of EXTEN HyperDynamic will available.

EXTEN software will be deployed on storage targets and needs no proprietary software on compute clients. As a result, friction due to deployment remains minimal and security gets enhanced along with the CPU performance. The target side turns more resilient and no active involvement from clients is needed. Consequently, better scalability, significantly lower end-user TCOs and higher performance are achieved.

The Version 3.0 of this software, can further reinforce EXTEN’s industry-leading position through features including dual parity resiliency, incorporated drive managing and hot swap, node level resiliency through synchronous replicas, and shared volumes having replicas that can support corresponding file systems.

EXTEN Software has been leading the industry for quite some time with respect to usability besides the ease-of-use. Also, the novel release 3.0 includes additional features for further simplifying NVMe-oF deployment and storage management. These include the declustered RAID, which extends the capability to easily configure resilient volumes that utilize the standard Linux, multi-path IO software for ensuring redundancy with respect to storage and networking.

Due to the different RAID levels per volume, optimized and flexible provisioning is enabled for different use cases. Additionally, EXTEN’s web user interface creates node and cluster grade telemetry along with the ability to smoothly set QoS limitations to handle performance during the drive or node rebuilds.

The enterprise is confident that through the software, it would be possible to achieve and retain its market-leading performance without having to compromise on quality. 

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