Unisys a Blue Bell PA based company has been chosen by NASA as its IT provider for products and services for US government federal agencies. This decision came under the new Solutions for Enterprise Wide Procurements (SEWP) V contract. According to a news release by Unisys, the contract has a ceiling value of $20 billion over a period of ten years which is written as a five year base period followed by a five year optional period. The company has been given the same contract by NASA in its previous SEWP IV contract. This time the contract has been set to expand the level of products and services provided by Unisys to the govt. agencies.

Unisys is set to provide the govt. with its award winning cyber security software Unisys Stealth which uses advanced data protection and encryption technologies to block out all security breaches and hacking attempts into the government’s cyber space. Unisys is also looking to make its fabric based platform Forward! available for the government. Both the software are bound to provide the government with security and ease of access to carry out the various IT based operation by providing the perfect working platform.

The SEWP initiative by the NASA and the US government has provided several companies the opportunity to realize their true potential and take their expertise to the bigger market while the government can benefit from the par standard services and products provided by those companies. Unisys president Venkatapathi PV had this to say, “For decades, SEWP has been one of the most widely used IT contracts in the federal government, and we are looking forward to continuing to provide our innovative technology solutions through SEWP V”.

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