The quality of the company is as good as its employees. That being said, corporate training needs a facelift to attract happy and new talents to the office. Employers have to realize those offices that reinforce an influential learning culture; one that can sit down with business strategies and goals and will enable the organizations to stay ahead among competitors. Innumerable factors contribute to the transformation of corporate training and the increasing attention on learning as the deciding factor within companies.

Some trends that will rejuvenate the corporate training landscape are:

The Rise of E-Learning

E-learning has grown from being a computer-based training to a multi-billion dollar market with the augmentation of the latest technologies. The peaking costs of instructor-led, classroom-based teaching sessions are the leading cause of the growth of this sector. With life-long training being the most important factor of all employees at present, E-learning has become a sophisticated platform for the learning of several courses, including compliance, awareness training, and even soft skills training. This method has not only become a lucrative idea for hassle-free education to the employees, whereas a means of incentive for the employers.

Attracting and Retaining Employees via Learning and Development

In addition to E-learning, training is also being used as an employee incentive, with health and retirement benefits. Even employees have understood the fact that access to training will assist in refining the skills they possess and also help develop new ones to become much successful in their roles. Compliance is now being replaced with employee retention as a vital key to the training.

Skills Gap Continues to Grow Among Companies

A PayScale Research Report showcased that approximately 33 percent of the companies had vacancies for more than six months or more due to the lack of skilled or qualified candidates. The enterprises need to think ahead and lay out a proactive plan to make ends meet. If the employers want to bridge the gap with adequately skilled employees, they can leverage systems like e-learning and training as incentives and propose a development opportunity to both the employee and the company. These systems will not only teach them the current responsibilities but will prepare the employees for the future as well. Employees can update their skills with highly agile and interactive technologies.

Millennials' Perspective; an Advanced Approach Towards Learning

Millennials have grown up with various technological devices and social media; naturally, they expect the same freedom to access the technology and utilize it to optimize tasks to be done in an office environment as well. Corporate training focused on catering to the millennial need to tap into the areas of interest to ensure guaranteed learning.