transcosmos and InterFactory releases eCHUB powered by ebisumart to provide up-to-date, optimizable, and customizable e-commerce one-stop services.

FREMONT, CA: When more than terabytes of informative data are being uploaded regularly in the marketing atmosphere, it becomes increasingly difficult for a company to emulate the storage capacity with accelerating information. To solve the imbalanced repository, transcosmos, an outsourcing service provider, has entered into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with InterFactory, a cloud-based e-commerce platform. Furthermore, the associated protocol has introduced eCHUB, a transcosmos' integrated e-commerce platform, which provides seamless storefront, order management, warehouse management, and call tracking functionalities. Additionally, with the support of ebisumart's e-commerce ecosystem, eCHUB can optimize its developmental framework.

According to the agreement, tanscosmos will enable excellent scalability and security to their consumers. Furthermore, the extended applications of transcosmos and InterFactory will allow the users to deliver one-stop e-commerce services for their customers.

eCHUB powered by ebisumart will enable clients to offer high-quality customer experience and further enhance the functionalities with three key features.


To stay ahead in the competitive game, the applications of a company need a regular renewal of innovative measures. Additionally, with a free weekly system update, the platform is always equipped with the latest, on-trend features and systems.


Designed for customization, the platform can unite with various external systems, hence providing a personalized approach to the regular workings. Furthermore, an optional subscription service specifically for monthly purchases will elevate the scalability even further.


The features of safeguarding are of foremost importance for building robust management. Furthermore, determining the assets of a corporation accompanied by developing, documenting, and implementing rules and procedures to protect these assets becomes very important for a strong foundation. Evaluating the aspect of security in mind, the introduction of encrypted security always ensures the best infrastructure for leading financial institute platform of choice.

"Our goal is to enhance an organization's customer experience in every possible way, not just to recreate every aspect of the client's internal processes," said Tom Coshow, Managing Director, transcosmos America in an interview with Enterprises Services Outlook. Previously for its contribution to intelligent systems in the contact center landscape, tanscosmos was recognized as one of the "10 Most Recommended Contact Center Service Providers - 2018" by Enterprises Services Outlook Magazine.