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TNT Outsources IT Infrastructure to HP Cloud

By ESOutlook | Monday, April 06, 2015

Logistic giant TNT has outsourced its IT infrastructure to Hewlett-Packard (HP). The tenure of the deal is six years, and it will see TNT move to the cloud. HP will consolidate and virtualise TNT's IT infrastructure, with some functions moving to its Helion private cloud environment.

For both TNT and HP this is another major deal in recent times. TNT recently signed a five-year deal with India-based Infosys for application development services as part of a project known as Outlook, which involves growing its small and medium-sized enterprises customer base. HP had also signed a multi-billion-euro deal, in February, with Deutsche Bank for the German banking giant to use cloud platform HP Helion in its wholesale banking arm. Kate Hanaghan, research director, infrastructure services at analyst firm TechMarketView opined that the trend of large enterprises to move to cloud is most like to continue for years. “For organisations that need to rapidly adjust the cost and their use of large datacentre estates, cloud is playing an important role in the more immediate term,” Kate said. She further added that a hybrid computing environment which incorporates aspects of cloud and on-premise technologies is the thing of the future.

IBM has made hay in recent times, raking in $3.6b worth of IT infrastructure outsourcing deals. Last month, the company was ranked by Forrester as the world's number one infrastructure outsourcing supplier. In this digital age, businesses are opening up more and more towards new-age technologies in order to transform their IT infrastructures.

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