BOSTON, MA: Threat Stack, a provider of cloud security solutions, announces new advancement of the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform (CSP) to provide real-time response for threat detection in enterprises. The new advancement increases the time efficiency to scale the security of cloud environments.

Developments in CSP

The new platform incorporates an easy way to outsource the malicious threats in real-time. The File Integrity Monitoring feature enables users with perfect gateway to enhance the security efficiency of key files. Threat Stack makes it easier for the users to understand the rules matching the environment before deploying it for detecting the faults.

The server of Threat Stack has been redesigned to assemble more insights about the environment to prevent vulnerabilities. The new “quick filters” capability enables the users to check the non- functioning servers and the one with longer uptime. The developments further enables other capabilities such as enhanced searching, filtering and sorting for managing a large number of servers.

CSP in Software

The new feature enriches users to detect all the vulnerabilities of software in real time. The vulnerability management capability enables the users to track the malicious threats and enrol precautionary measures required to rectify it. The cloud-native architecture of Threat Stack continuously monitors the scalability of customer infrastructure in private cloud, public cloud and hybrid environments.

“The new set of workflow enhancements to the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform strengthen our focus on giving organizations the tools they need to easily customize and prioritize what matters the most in their environments,” says Megan Ahigian, Senior Product Manager, Threat Stack. “We understand that agility and operational velocity is key to growing your business, and the Threat Stack team continues to build out new ways to help our customers scale with confidence.”