Software-defined networking (SDN) has become crucial in delivering agility and flexibility required in alignment with the ever-increasing utilization of cloud computing. With software failures causing data threats, security is a major concern for the networking industry. Therefore, network solution providers demand high-quality software ensuring the safety of their critical data.     

Often networking equipment manufacturers fail to detect and address the software defects in the Quality Analysis (QA) phase before production, which not only results in loss of connectivity but also in service degradation and recurrent networking downtime. On forage of high-quality software, the networking industry needs to consider innovative solutions for debugging.

The industry can have a chance of succour with the record and replay technology that can help engineering teams diagnose and fix several software defects before they affect production and turn into serious customer complaints. Record and replay technology gives a holistic view into a programme’s execution and captures bugs with the help of recording functionality. The technology is capable of converting periodic software failures into 100 percent reproducible events. The recording feature can help to move back and forth in the code to diagnose the root cause of the problem quickly. 

In addition, the technology can capture failure instances across a broad spectrum and therefore fill the gaps where other debugging methodologies fail to help. By sharing recordings among teams, software engineers can generate an identical copy of the original defect while working together to eliminate the bug.

This new approach to fixing bugs can help various network solution providers improve their customer relationships, safeguard their routers and switches while strengthening their position in a rapidly growing market.

Nobody ever said that changing an entire business model is going to be easy. However, with cutting-edge software such as record and replay technology, network solution providers are better equipped to deal with the disruption in the marketplace and are capable of delivering the excellent services and solutions.