The global packaging industry is increasing their economies nowadays. They are expected to show strong growth due to increased consumption and demand for goods which triggers the need for more sophisticated packaging. Certain challenges are also showing up due to digital transformation. But innovative companies are in haste of turning these challenge into opportunities.

In recent years the packaging industry has adopted immense automation. The robotic packaging is one among them. Nine out of ten packaging companies are now using robots for packaging. The shortage of skilled labor is one of the reasons for companies to adopt 'collaborative robot'. Collaborative robots or cobots are designed to be used in close proximity to humans that means they operate with forces and acceleration parameters that are harmless to humans. The cobot prototypes still under testing have the features of simple control and programming requirements which eliminates the need of an external programmer.

The optical safety system can be applied as safety solutions are the market demands of industrial robots. The laser scanner is widely used for monitoring the zones around the robot. In near future cobots will start having vision systems equipped with Artificial Intelligence(AI), enabling it to recognize when and where people enter the robot's workspace and regulate its speed accordingly.

AI in robotics is the ability to react to the nonprogrammed situations. Intelligent robots with the ability to detect quality defects of the product are powered by AI.

There is also a high demand for the analysis of extracted data to increase overall equipment effectiveness by means of digitalization. The database information aids predictive maintenance with a significant decrease in maintenance cost.