FREMONT, CA – The emergence of digital marketing in the B2B markets such as healthcare, life science, and biotechnology have dissolved the barriers to successful lead conversion. The modern audience demands engaging content combined with a transparent digital experience, which ensures not only organic growth for the organization but also drives demand for its services.

Organizations are taking significant strides to make an impact in digital marketing, adopting new talent and technology necessary to reach their marketing goals. However, the digital expertise offered by B2B organizations often does not meet the expectations of the market. To yield the best results, the organizations will have to focus on customer data privacy, search engine marketing and optimization, and account-based marketing.

Organizations have access to vast quantitative information regarding their customers, even the data which they consider private. The importance of data privacy has spurred several regulatory bodies to action. After the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union, the United States is also trying to pass its data privacy legislation. Furthermore, data breaches and privacy concerns have prompted many away from social media. Hence, it is up to the organizations to convince the people of their ability to handle private data with care.

When launching ad campaigns, organizations need to be aware of the competition. The social media contains hundreds and hundreds of blog posts, sponsored posts, and ads. Hence, people often end up skipping all the content unless it is unique and engaging. Consequently, organizations fail to share their message with potential customers effectively. When social media fails to garner leads, organizations will have to focus their efforts on search engine optimization (SEO) as it remains a neutral ground for gaining customers. It will enable them to provide relevant information to potential customers in the data-gathering phase.

Adopting the account-based marketing (ABM) program will take the organizations a long way in lead creation. The strategic marketing method can assist them in targeting potential accounts for their sales and marketing strategies. It is a multichannel approach which includes effective marketing tactics such as IP address-targeted ads, personalized website experiences, and customized videos. It will significantly aid the organizations in targeting their efforts on the right customers and deliver the right content for efficient lead conversion.