It is safe to say that customer experience is valued above everything. It helps organizations connect with their customers on a personal level in order to deliver the highest value possible through products and services.  However, most of the consumers are reluctant when it comes to interacting with customer service agents and survey personnel as they feel it is a waste of time.

This is where technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud automation, and data analytics come into the picture. Robotic process automation, virtual assistants, and chatbots have allowed customers to directly report an issue instead of going through mundane steps and process to submit a complaint or query. Each customer interaction is then automated using machine learning to correlate similar data sets and streamline the process of resolving a query or complaint. Such examples have made AI one of the vital ingredients that constitute the ideal recipe for contact center solutions. No wonder the investments in AI and data analytics have skyrocketed to a whopping 51 percent in 2017 alone.

Similarly, digital transformation is yet another step towards revitalizing Customer Experience (CX) as it enables solution providers to utilize the flexibility of handheld devices to orchestrate their offerings directly instead of resorting to the age-old paper-bound approach. Cloud-based applications and virtual machines have increased the accessibility to on-demand applications, making way for solution providers to cash in on the opportunity at hand to derive the maximum benefit from the available resources.