Today majority of customers use the internet for the ease of gaining information about any product and services at their fingertips. This is an excellent moment for digital marketers. But it raises a question, that does it make sense to invest in digital marketing or traditional marketing still have the place in consumerism.  Understanding this battle between traditional marketing and digital marketing is vital in setting the budget to enhance the ROI.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing methods such as flashy ads, direct mail postcards, telemarketing, and outdoor advertising still have the potential to grab customer's attention. But it requires lots of repetition and consistency and can cost a lot of money. Surveys are another method to find out what drives customers' attitudes and behaviors, but often can be misleading because customers may respond in ways that do not accurately reflect their buying habits.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing over traditional marketing has the power of analytics which gives marketers insights at what customers are thinking about and how that translates to what they look for and how they navigate websites. Digital marketing efforts can connect with customers across multiple channels, and can take advantage of inbound marketing. Understanding the path of customer's purchasing behavior helps to solve their issue faster and allows better interaction to build authority in the niche market.

The motives for the widespread adoption of digital marketing are valid. It is a more effective strategy for targeting and segmenting a customer base. But in some industries traditional marketing is a must, depending on the buyer personas. Digital marketing gives the best exposure for marketing investments so it will be a wise option to invest the most significant percentage of the budget in digital marketing and leaving a little room of the budget for some traditional marketing strategies too. It is challenging in today's marketing climate to find a balance of both digital and traditional marketing strategies. But blending them both will help achieve better results, more than one method could meet its own. Both these marketing strategies are an incredible arsenal of resources marketers have at their disposal to powerfully communicate with the customers.

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