FREMONT, CA: Supply chain sustainability is becoming the new norm. Rising levels of awareness and a constant need to build responsible businesses are ensuring that companies take solid steps towards attaining sustainability at all levels. Companies are striving to know and improve the impact they have on the environment, society, and economy of each vendor and customer. To achieve the same, the management has to engage themselves through several steps proactively. 

The intention of doing business the right way is desirable. A shared ambition is necessary if a company is looking to drive supply chain sustainability. Creating an ecosystem that promotes and rewards sustainability is essential. Companies should move beyond thinking green and should take up a holistic approach to bring about a perception that will induce everybody to work towards a better rate of sustainability. 

To bring about an acceptance of business driven by sustainable supply chains, companies must use the tool of communication effectively. Within the organization, employees need to realize the importance of sustainability and how it benefits them. In light of this, a company must make an effort to convey the importance of sustainability by employing case studies and real stories.  Bringing all members of the supply chain on board for sustainability can be pretty daunting, but relaying the same passion can help in transformations. 

Getting a sponsor or partnering with NGOs can assist with sustainability initiatives can be a practical step towards supply chain sustainability. Through a linked model where the sustainability of the supply chain is related to the enterprise level sustainability as well as to global sustainability, firms can bolster their agenda. The working relationship between members of the supply chain is not sufficient to influence change. Building a rapport and higher level of trust can help all members come together to solve sustainability issues through shared innovations.

Ultimately, the quest to sustainability should align with the business objectives of the companies as well. To keep a tab on both, professional teams come in handy. A comprehensively built model that enables profits along with sustainable supply chains is essential.

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