Google has become successful in expanding their Cloud services forming a partnership with Avere Systems. This merger came as part of Google’s efforts to connect better with its customers and clients through cloud services.

                                          Avere Systems is a company dealing with hybrid cloud storage and data management. Avere Systems helps organizations in dealing with data storage problems and the rising prices for the storage of data in both public and private cloud storage, keeping in mind the quality of performance, availability and security of data. It allows agencies and brands to transfer information faster.

Avere Systems announced that this collaboration between the two, will help the customers of Google in easing out their work load and store in the Cloud Platform provided by Google easily at a more affordable cost. The Avere FXT Edge filers will let the customers utilize and scale compute in Google Compute Engine using both on-premises and Google Cloud Storage resources. Avere has claimed that they are the only ones who can let companies to connect the dots between cloud computing and on-premises storage. Demanding apps can be run in the cloud, data can be stored anywhere, without affecting the performance adversely.

With companies like Amazon and IBM providing their own cloud services the competition level in this industry has increased at a considerable level prompting other data service providers to step up their game. This partnership with Avere puts Google in a strong place in the industry, providing it with the necessary grip on the market to cope with the pressure it will generate in the future in terms of demand and competition.