Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to perform tasks which are associated with human intelligence. As every business seeks AI to enhance its performance, AI has become the buzzword in the technology world and on its part, Oracle is in a unique position to fit in this picture. Oracle distributes AI across different cloud services which include AI-embedded business applications, AI within Oracle platforms, and on high-performance compute and network infrastructure.

The key function of AI is to analyze data and build models that would work in any particular domain. The most crucial element for deploying accurate models is deep domain knowledge to interpret findings and further fine-tune the models. Technology, business processes, and analytics are three broad areas where Oracle has deep expertise for many years. This domain knowledge of Oracle has laid the foundation of AI solutions in many facets of IT operations, operational, and analytical business processes. AI is updated with more value-added models and cognitive services by Oracle technology and application services, domain experts, and Oracle’s data scientists. To empower enterprise operations and help companies make better decisions, Oracle delivers a complete suite of business-critical AI-enabled applications.

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Additionally, Oracle offers powerful AI-based platforms, such as management, security, and conversational chatbots. Its integrated AI services can be delivered either through public cloud or on the premises. Oracle also provides market-leading data as a service capability and other custom solutions integrated with AI applications.

Continuing to add more machine learning and AI capabilities for the betterment of the enterprise AI market, Oracle indeed promises AI advantage to businesses which will always stay as the icing on the cake.