Pay equity is no longer a mere issue of equality and rights but, an imperative for the company. Now, technology can assist organizations in achieving pay equity effortlessly.   

FERMONT, CA: Syndio, a renowned HR analytics platform with a vision to eliminate pay disparities, has released PayEQ, as part of its best-in-class pay equity technology platform.

PayEQ enables companies to analyze small groups of employees performing similar work, to identify potential pay gaps that cannot be explained by job-related criteria. The PayEQ platform makes analytics of the workforce more available— so it's quicker and easier to get the ideas that matter to the individuals.  

With the reporting feature of one-click PayEQ, organizations can have immediate access to the results needed to prepare executive reports and communications. With an easy-to-use, powerful, and cost-effective solution, PayEQ leads the way to analyze and solve problems rapidly. PayEQ helps safeguard the organization against expensive litigation and allows HR to attract and maintain the most excellent employees. HR executives can have immediate insight into how work is accomplished with this platform and deliver useful outcomes to drive better promotions choices, career pathing, and succession plans.

As a result of new pay equity laws, pay equity has become a top-of-mind concern for employers nationwide. Also, some publicly trading companies face pressure at shareholder meetings and government filings to report on wage equity. These new pay regulations and shareholder projects raise the stakes for businesses. There are many problems concerning equality in pay and worker wellness, and workplace uniformity are top concerns in nearly every organization.

Syndio is an HR Analytics firm dedicated to encouraging workplace fairness. The company creates apps that empower contemporary organizations to employ relatively, encourage, and reward individuals. Syndio's PayEQ application is a versatile and robust platform that helps hundreds of thousands of individuals around the globe to overcome the pay gap due to discriminations.  

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