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Tech Mahindra to Modernize the U.S. State of Nevada's Department of Motor Vehicles

By ESOutlook | Friday, June 10, 2016


DALLAS, TX: The Department of Motor vehicles (DMV) of the state of Nevada Chooses Tech Mahindra, a solutions integration services provider, to modernize the DMV operations of the state. The company will be the prime systems integrator for the System Modernization.   .

The modernization process will be executed utilizing Tech Mahindra’s Motor Vehicles Enterprise Solution (MOVES). The solution aims to provide better customer services, reduced transaction processing time, and increased speed-to-market delivery of products and services offered by the Nevada DMV.

The MOVES solution by Tech Mahindra will be migrated to the Oracle technology stack to provide enhanced service experiences across multiple channels.

The Enterprise solution by Tech Mahindra enables an integrated view of DMV functions. It provides a single consolidated view of customer activities, 24x7 customer services, online customer portal access to citizens and capable of accommodating legislative changes, business and system demands.

The solution also provides management of vehicle services, driver services, compliances, permits, fiscal management and enables licensing and managing of regulated businesses.

"We are looking forward to partnering with Tech Mahindra to create the DMV of the future" says Department of Motor Vehicles Director Terri L. Albertson. "This is not just a technology upgrade. We are creating a motor vehicle agency that will be second to none in delivering fast and efficient service to the public. It is also a great example of innovation and responsive state government under Governor Brian Sandoval's Nevada Strategic Planning Framework for the next five years."

"Tech Mahindra is very excited to partner with Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles in designing and implementing the DMV of the Future”, says Arvind Malhotra, Cluster head of Strategic Accounts.  “We will be implementing the solution in a phased manner leveraging Agile methodology and a very modern IT architecture “.

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