The mission of Cryoport is to support life and health, through its advanced technologies and dedicated staff, through reliable and comprehensive temperature controlled logistic solutions for the life sciences industry. Cryoport strives to develop mutually rewarding relations and to conduct its business to the highest ethical and professional standards, with employees, partners, and suppliers. Cryoport is a trusted supplier of logistics solutions for the cold chain industry for temperature-sensitive materials in the life sciences and provides services to the biopharmaceutical, IVF, surrogacy, and animal health organizations. The proprietary shippers of dry vapor Cryoport Express®, innovative C3TM 2-8°C solution, the Cryoportal® logistics managerial Platform, the state-of-the-art Smartpak IITM Condition Monitoring System, and geosensing technology combined with unparalleled cold chain expertise and 24/7 customer support makes Cryoport trusted partner for the cold chain end-to-end cold logistics.

Cryoport, Inc., a global leader in temperature management for the life sciences industry, announced its partnering in the delivery of end-to-end temperature controlled logistics to Dacos’ global clientele of biopharmaceutical companies, Dacos A/S, a high-tech life sciences product manufacturing company based in Denmark. Cryoport Partnership will enable Dacos to provide Cryoport with a full range of temperature-controlled logistics solutions to their existing client base of biopharmaceutical companies, including the Cryoport Express® shippers, industry-leaders Cryoportal Logistics Management Platform, and Smartpak II Condition monitoring system. Dacos is a leading supplier of biological storage products for human and animal cells for the manufacture of cryogenic vials, storage boxes, centrifugal tubes, blood sample containers as well as serum and media PET bottles.

Each country has unique regulations and documents required for shipments. To get the clients shipment where it needs to go quickly, it is essential to know exactly what is needed. The expert team and logistics platform at Cryoport work in a seamless way to simplify international compliance. The Cryoport Express® liquid nitrogen dry vapor dewars meet all the standards by IATA. IATA classifies the dewars as non-hazardous, so no special labeling or handling is required.

Moreover, Cryoport can assist in preparing all proper documents and permits for safe arrivals of materials. Cryoport streamlines the documentation process by automating all air bills for carrier-based shipping, eliminating the need to keep accounts, and supplying all shipping labels needed. All shipping details are followed in the Cryoportal® and attached to the order digitally and physically to the dewar.