Today, a way to get a higher return from sales and marketing is email marketing integration. Believe it or not, email still has one of the highest ROI of all the marketing channels and therefore it is still popular as both a lead and revenue generator.  There is email marketing software available that helps to monitor the marketing strategies by personalizing email campaigns, integrations that connect the online store to the email marketing and many more things.

Email Marketing Integration

Email integrations are referred to as individual tools that are combined with email marketing to create a complete and effective strategy.  It is a powerful tool that sends email to the contacts, with a specific purpose and derives desired results. While integrating email marketing campaigns with other powerful tools, one can achieve even better results.

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E-Commerce with email marketing integrations

Email integrations are the perfect fit for businesses that wish to sync their online retail store with email marketing. One can directly add products to an email customize them based on each contact’s needs and create predefined lists for specific programs. For instance, companies can send abandoned cart email using marketing automation which acts as a reminder and gives the customers a chance to complete the order for the items they had placed in the cart long ago.

Add integrations to marketing campaigns

Business management email integrations streamline the day-to-day tasks, like automating email marketing, managing customer relationships, and generating detailed reports. One can also build contacts through social media channels by customizing the link with impactful text, a call-to-action button, and by adding images that go along well with the text and explain the messages explicitly.  Also, while one is hosting an event, email integrations make managing and promotion more efficient. One can also track the regulations, and add event information if required and also send follow up emails to ensure a great turn out.

Marketing is essential for the success of the business. Small and medium-sized business owners rely on digital marketing tools like emails to grow their business, and integrations help them in going with the flow. This is because email integrations add value to the email campaign, marketing efforts, and more value to a business.