OAKLAND, CA: Siemens partners with Vigilent to provide widespread thermal optimization solution to address data centre cooling challenges across the facility’s white space and chilled water plant by using Siemens’ Demand Flow solution and Vigilent’s Dynamic Cooling Management System. The partnership aims to provide end-to-end thermal optimization that delivers advanced data centre cooling technology.

Vigilent’s Dynamic Cooling Management System uses machine learning software, a wireless mesh network of sensors, and cooling unit controls to automatically match white space cooling to IT load in real time. Siemens’ Demand Flow solution optimizes chilled water plants to reduce their energy consumption by up to 50 percent. Both the companies’ joint convention aims yo help data centre and IT managers address the cooling challenges caused by shifting IT loads, uneven server densities, and changes in facility configuration.

With the decrease in demand on chilled water plants, users can reduce energy consumption and improve power usage effectiveness. The joint solution ensures maximum efficiency at part load operation to offer maximum energy savings.

“As much as 40% of data center cooling capacity is underutilized because IT organizations haven’t had all the tools they need to fully understand and optimize cooling systems,” says Dave Hudson, Chief Executive Officer, Vigilent. “Changes in IT load and facility configuration make cooling extremely challenging to manage. Together with Siemens, we can meet this challenge while providing an attractive and easy-to-measure ROI to our customers.”