For a long time, matching business services and information technology has been a significant concern. Business services are reusable process units that contain one or more process fragments for achieving business goals. Two crucial activators that direct the enterprise in achieving an on-demand business are componentization and service orientation. The idea of on-demand business combines IT and business to make companies flexible enough to respond to the new demands of the market through a more rapid, responsive and profitable approach. The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach is the alignment necessary to organize the discovery, the selection and the assembly of business services for dynamically building business processes tailored to business designer’s requirements. Integration of the existing systems and achieving inherited data is one of the essential capabilities of SOA.

Business services provide a correct level of granularity for modeling business level operations in companies and ecosystems, by capsulation of a remarkable part of the activities of an enterprise and the interactions occurring among them. Appropriate selection of elements of business architecture is required to identify the fundamental aspects of a model. Business process modeling is to automate business processes for more productivity and to evaluate and improve existing business processes. The objective is to attain better flexibility in business and decreased risk through confirmation of various aspects of service-oriented architecture design- from ‘objectives of the business’ to ‘execution of service.’

Although the lack of a standard methodology for implementation of SOA projects restrains the execution of such projects, the realization of objectives as standardization, modulation, and flexibility inside and outside of enterprise through business services creates a new landscape. With the adaptation to the latest technology, various new business models like CBM of IBM are already ready to transform business processes and the outcomes.