Digital marketing in itself is highly effective and with automation being introduced in it increases its potential a lot but the use of automation in digital marketing is currently restricted to emails and ads. Marketers are focusing more on eliminating friction from the sales which is a great goal to strive but seem a bit more unrealistic because even if a customer gets diverted, than with retargeted ads and automated emails they can be redirected back. Many businesses have started to understand the potential of automation and have incorporated chatbots tools that provide personalized customer experience, agile service and also are designed to perform tedious and mundane tasks of answering FAQs. Not just this, chatbots also have the capability of identifying potential customers based on their activities on the website and forward their details to sales for conversion.

Limitations with Automation

Although with its potential and current use automation seems to of great help but faces some issue that has restricted its use. The most common one is the responsiveness that automation lacks to changing market and new regulations like GDPR and is not able to react as humans on the fly. Secondly, automated emails and ads have become very general in nature; they may grab the attention of customers but are not much effective for conversions as they lack detailed advertisement. Also, customers get sometimes irritated with automated chatbots and prefer one-to-one meet with any representative that helps them in making a purchase decision.

Future of Automation

Automation is definitely going to witness a boost in the digital marketing industry as the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning hold the potential to make it possible. Advertisement companies will have to adopt programmatic advertisement and also track consumer history based on which they will able to provide a personalized experience to each customer. Embracing artificial intelligence will allow them to automate their chatbots completely making it capable to answer all kinds of query and act as an assistant for buyers just like humans. Also, the data recorded through these chatbots can be utilized for creating further marketing strategies by understanding customer demands. Automation has high scope in digital marketing just it needs to be modified with new technologies and will be capable of overcoming all restrictions.