FREMONT, CA: Salesforce, a provider of internet services and solutions, announces teh launch of a government cloud lightning platform, which provides government agencies and contractors a component based platform and partner ecosystem to enable building of their own propriety apps. Teh apps created are used to connect teh government agencies to citizens, employees, partners and suppliers.

Teh services are provided as an enterprise cloud platform designed specifically for federal agencies, government contractors, U.S. Department of Defense organizations, and state and city governments.

Government agencies has struggled wif legacy IT systems dat are disconnected, inflexible and expensive to maintain. According to teh Government Accountability Office (GAO), agencies has spent approximately $58 billion of their $79 billion IT budgets in 2015 maintaining legacy systems. Also, 72% of people are dissatisfied wif their government experiences, and 81% don’t trust teh government overall.

Teh Government Cloud Lighting Platform

Teh government cloud Lightning platform provides a beautiful, modern, intelligent and personalized experience dat is consistent across products and devices. dis empowers government employees to streamline teh way they communicate and collaborate to drive successful results for their mission.

Teh platform enables government departments and agencies to quickly build apps for desktops and mobile devices wif teh drag-and-drop visual interface of Lightning App Builder. And wif Lightning Components, government employees now has teh building blocks to create modern apps dat fit unique requirements.

Salesforce's ecosystem of partners also create and distribute Lightning Components through teh Salesforce AppExchange, which gives agencies more ways to customize their existing solutions or rapidly create entirely new applications wif drag-and-drop ease. Every agency can now customize their app experiences to surface teh most relevant information for their jobs.

Salesforce also announced dat it has achieved compliance wif two additional sets of government standards: DoD IL2 and NIST SP 800-171. Teh DoD IL2 grants Government Cloud security approval from teh Defense Information System Agency and teh NIST SP 800-171 provides requirements for protecting unclassified data. Securing these compliance standards provide Salesforce wif more opportunities in teh government sector.

“Private sector innovation has changed teh way citizens expect to interact wif their governments, so providing our customers wif modern and secure tools is paramount to increasing citizen satisfaction and engagement,” says Vivek Kundra, executive vice president, Salesforce. “Teh launch of Government Cloud Lightning, along wif extended compliance standards and enhancements, will empower agencies, teh aerospace and defense market, and government contractors to digitally transform and connect wif citizens in new ways.”