FREMONT, CA: Safe Systems, a provider of IT services and security solutions, announces the availability of BCP blueprint to provide resilience from the potential threats to financial institutions.  The Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Blueprint encourages collaborative work in an enterprise to recover from all the possible disaster in an efficient manner. 

Banks can seamlessly identify the major categories of risk, and determine Maximum Allowable Downtime, Recovery Time Objectives, and Recovery Priority benchmarks using the BCP blueprint. It reduces the time taken to gather data by automating most of the processes. Safe System’s vendor management solution enables banks to automatically transfer third-party vendor information into the plan. The BCP further enables the banks to remain updated with the entire business continuity plan and execute changes for the future exams.

The application allows the BCP administrator to outline the key services and activities to minimise the upcoming risk and determine the appropriate solutions to recover from it. “Business continuity planning has become a very time consuming yet necessary part of operating a successful financial institution today. With increased examiner scrutiny, banks must find a more efficient way to handle the BCP process to successfully meet regulatory demands,” says Darren Bridges, president of Safe Systems. “In an effort to assist community banks and credit unions with this complex process, we developed a business continuity planning application, BCP Blueprint, to guide the BCP process, meet regulatory requirements, and ensure financial institutions are well-equipped to recover from disruptions quickly and efficiently.”