The popular ride-hailing service provider Uber has been experimenting with its transportation packages for almost a year, by not just carrying people, but packages too. The popular taxi service provider is now planning to disclose its partnerships with big retailers and fashion brands this fall. Uber eyes these partnerships as it seeks to develop into an express delivery service for shoppers available on various shopping sites and applications, as specified by some sources.

The rollout, as specified by two associated sources will begin from New York and will involve some flashy, luxury brands who have their flagship stores on or around Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. Uber’s partnerships with retailers in San Fransisco will be revealed during that time or soon after, as said by a source. The retailers and brands which are going to be included in the initial launch are still unknown.

Uber, in its big e-commerce delivery program is also trying to include software companies Bigcommerce and Shopify that work to get businesses setup online stores and thus, is in discussions with them. As per the sources, the company is seeking to make its delivery option accessible for a large number of small brick-and-mortar stores. By this integration, Uber will be able to reach out to thousands of these stores in San Francisco and New York without even directly connecting with them. However, no comment has been made by the spokespersons of Uber, Bigcommerce, and Shopify on this. Beyond this launch, Uber has been showcasing rapid growth in terms of its ride-hailing service all across the globe along with fostering the UberRush messenger and its meal delivery service UberEats actively being operated in few of the American cities. The company has slowly been rolling out these non-core initiatives, but this association with retailers have been taking place at an even slower pace. Uber has only unveiled few of its partnerships with retailers in last one year. However, the company faced problems dealing with online retailers Gilt Groupe and luxury jeweler Alexis Bittar, as per a report by Wall Street Journal.  

As per the sources, the company’s new business unit UberEverything has been facing immense pressure for getting a large group of retailers on board. Uber in the month of June brought an industry veteran Sunil Daluvoy on board, who holds credible experience of partnering with retailers. This addition to the team is expected to add value to the company’s efforts for partnering with more retailers.  After this initiative is completely rolled out, the retailers will be adding an Uber same day delivery option to their websites and apps, which will be available only for the online shoppers in the right Zip codes, sources said. However, there will be a charge for Uber’s delivery to shoppers, which can either be passed on to the buyers, or can also be slashed by the retailers, especially for the orders worth higher values. According to a source, the buyers will not be able to access the products offered by retailers on the Uber app.    

There lies a possibility that the deliveries to the shoppers may be done by bike messenger or car depending on the market. It was earlier reported by TechCrunch that the ride-hailing service Uber is in discussions with multiple merchants and has the training materials ready for the messengers and drivers.  Some of the individuals associated with this e-commerce delivery program also believe that the company has tied up with the initial partners for revenue generating potential as well as marketing purposes. This is why the high-end luxury fashion brands have been included in the initial launch.