Creating an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration can nourish a meaningful transition for the patient.

FREMONT, CA: “With shifting patient demographics and outcome-based reimbursement models, organizations need automated support to cover the entire post-visit process. We are revolutionizing the patient experience, improving health outcomes, and providing real ROI for our customers,” says David Dietze, CEO  of Bravado Health, a premier health IT company, expanding its product portfolio to include the new Ayva Engage patient engagement solution. The platform will focus on reimagining the patient experience by making it easy to connect with patients, coordinate follow-up care, and gauge outcomes associated with quality of care and reimbursement.

The defiance of engaging and connecting patients with the care they need is daunting and is a gap that leaves patients, healthcare providers, and staff vulnerable. Bravado designs comprehensive solutions for primary and secondary care services to a save time a provider’s most valuable resource and thus accelerates workflow.

“As healthcare continues to shift toward value-based payment models, there is a greater focus on patient-centricity, care continuity, and engagement. However, patient engagement involves multiple challenges such as social determinants, regulations, user acquisition, and retention, and content management. Ayva can effectively answer many of these challenges, helping lower the risk of failure, while increasing the organization’s value and ROI dramatically,” adds Sherry Dillon, VP of Product Management, Bravado Health.

Carrying their tradition of innovation, Bravado Health is a leader in technology solutions and services helping modern healthcare professionals to have the right tools to deliver the best possible care. It ensures every patient and provider has an optimal outcome and experience with every encounter. The company works with the world’s best health systems, cutting-edge technology companies, medical institutions to deliver the most robust solutions to healthcare providers and their patients.