According to the survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), most of the business competitors (24 percent) are not doing what it takes to succeed in practice. If a business can succeed in content marketing, then it can put itself ahead of the competitors with expanded audience trust and warmer leads for better sales outcome. 50 percent more sales can be achieved by nurturing customer relationships. A company might spend a lot of money in boosting awareness about the business, but a specified amount of visitors or audience can never be guaranteed to visit the website. Content must be used to nurture the relationships to remain relevant to the audience until the purchase is complete. If the content is not engaging enough, then the investment made to gain attention will be wasted.

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The marketer must create useful content and keep in touch with the buyer. A study has shown that businesses that nurture leads have made 50 percent more sales than non-nurtured counterparts. Prospects follow the business based on previous interactions; hence, the business must provide regular, targeted content based on the previous encounter. HubSpot, the champions of marketing stated that the common challenge faced by 61 percent of the businesses were generating traffic and leads. Research by CMI showed that 80 percent of marketers don’t realize that their organizations need to be committed to content marketing. There is a conversion rate of 6x and ROI of 4x for content marketing compared to other advertising and marketing methods. Marketers must study their competition and investigate how they are making use of content and the types of results achieved.

Customers need to know about the business to make a purchase. In most of the cases, prospects are aware of the business only after the sales reps make their pitch. To ease the work of the sales rep, the marketers must improve the trust of the buyer by providing useful content to raise awareness to a particular problem and then make the solutions available. Tools to resolve critical issues by themselves must be given to customers. Majority of the first time visitors will not make a purchase; they must be nurtured by various means through content to bring them back to the site multiple times. 

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