Public Administration needs to build a marketing plan that can take advantage of the benefits offered by digital transformation and thus provide better services for citizens. It is necessary for public administration offices to find professional partners who can help in creating an effective digital marketing strategy.

FREMONT, CA: Digital transformation is now a certainty for many organizations where conversion is impacting different facets of businesses. One of the arenas is the customer experience (CX)—the way that consumers perceive their interactions with a company. CX inevitably influences the opinion of customers toward any business transaction and represents a competitive edge capable of determining an enterprise's failure or success.

Closely linked to the CX is corporate communication, an area revolutionized by digital transformation, for two reasons. The first is the availability of a large number of new tools to organizations. The second factor is the interconnectivity between customers that have led enterprises to rethink their communication processes radically.

The Benefits of Integrating Business and Social Media are:

•  By closing the gap between consumer and company, enterprises may be perceived as sympathetic in the eyes of buyers.

•  Integration of social media can develop customer care services, potentially using chatbots that make it easier for organizations to respond and react to consumer demands.

•  Even customer targeting becomes more effective as the possibility offered by all social platforms to recognize clusters of consumers according to certain criteria increases. 

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Ways to Build a Marketing Strategy for the Public Administration:

•  The smartphone is the device of preference when it comes to using the internet, which implies that any content must be intended for optimization and access for mobile devices.

•  Without a digital platform, there is no digital marketing strategy in which users can be involved.

•  Media planning is necessary for reaching out to the right audience with the appropriate content.

•  Enterprises must use data to guide strategy and to comprehend, across various levels, if the business is on the right track.

•  No digital marketing strategy is absolute without technologies that encourage the formation of interactive experiences within applications and websites. Such technologies enable organizations to create targeted campaigns.