Digital advertisement and marketing have become the face of the marketing industry in a short span of time. Marketers have realized its significance and potential in customer reach, engagement, experience, and retention; making it a crucial business aspect. With the ever-evolving marketing landscape, the marketers will have to keep an eagle’s eye on the upcoming trends that will drive digital landscape.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

A wide range of applications has been introduced by Artificial Intelligence, from which automated ads, chatbots, and personalized recommendations are the well-known ones. The digital market is already experiencing the ripples of disruption these applications have brought; with time passing by the intensity is going to increase. With automated ad buying marketers are able to target more and potential customers. Chatbots are taking buyer experience to next level by personalized real-time service while taking the burden off from human shoulders. These bots are anticipated to transform into a complete virtual assistant capable in catering with full-fledged customer service, from answering queries to guiding through the website.  Automated recommendations have also grabbed marketers’ attention as it comprehends buyers search patterns and recommends products that they might end up purchasing.

Video Marketing and Snack Ads

Snack ads are the short 10 sec videos that stream on various social media platforms. Video content is burgeoning as it appeals the most and online surfers have become highly inclined to it. Various social platforms have incorporated live video streaming options in their applications to suffice customers. Soon marketers will also have to utilize the toll to improve their customer reach and service. Live video assistance tools will gain a boost for customer satisfactory services.

Authenticity at Core

A multitude of digital selling platforms has resulted in a scenario of lack of customer trust for authenticity. Brands will have to position authenticity at the core of their digital marketing strategies. Content utilized in marketing must be authentic and unique for enhancing brand loyalty. Marketers must include all details relevant to the product and services, keeping everything clear for customers to trust. Once trust is built, it becomes a lot easier to improve brand value through buyer feedbacks and verbal publicity.

Native Advertisement

Online advertisements are usually integrated without site context, soon it will go obsolete. Advertisers will have to switch to dedicated blogs and videos for marketing products that are not a misfit. Modern smart buyers prefer to pay attention to such kind of native marketing.