According to several types of research made, there are approximately 4.77 billion mobile phone users, and this number is predicted to increase by 140-160 million people each year. The increase in the usage of mobile phone is directly proportional to the convenience of the usage of the mobile application. But it is not mandatory to employ dozens of developers to build own Android or iOS app. With proper knowledge and preparation, one can outsource mobile app development services at lower cost.

Choosing the best quality or price ratio, as well as making sure that the hired developers have an idea of the application to be developed. It is essential to give the future developing team details on key features and capabilities of the app the company want to develop. It is advisable not to hire solo freelancers, rather, one should go for an IT outsourcing company.

The team should have proper skills and experience in the relevant fields, which can be analyzed by the portfolio of relevant finished projects, especially the ones that are already published in the app stores. One should always check the usability of those apps and also the user's reviews.

Moreover, apart from discussing the technological aspects of the project, the company should also discuss the way the communication should be built, the possible risks involved, the price list and the terms of payment. This gives a lot of benefits for the working process that costs less than in-house developing team and needs putting lesser efforts into management.