For 19 years, OPEX Week has been well established at the forefront of operational excellence, continuous improvement and business transformation. This summer, OPEX Week has a new destination! 60+ inspirational speakers who are heading OPEX and transformation from some of the biggest national and global organizations will be joining us on the beach in San Diego on 21 – 23 August, 2017. 

Download the full agenda for OPEX Week: Business Transformation world Summit to find out the topics up for discussion and see how you can benefit from attending.

This year’s program focuses on progressive OPEX, the move to value and how to remain relevant. The 2017 line up of speakers offer thought-leadership and in-depth case studies revealing those essential and tangible take-aways. Experts come from some of the world’s biggest brands including, McAfee, Merck & Co., Aon, BMW, The Coca-Cola Company, Google, AT&T, Kellogg’s, Wells Fargo, Genentech, HPE, Starbucks, Google, Marriott International, Eli Lilly, Swarovski, to name a few. 

Key themes include:

  1. Customer experience – creating a culture of customer-centricity and designing process with the customer in mind. 
  2. The move to value – progressing OPEX beyond cost-cutter to strategist, innovator and driver of growth
  3. Transformation and change management – how to affect cultural change, acceptance, vision and behaviours to align with corporate strategy
  4. Business intelligence and data analytics – launching initiatives in key areas for better decision making and to support strategy and performance  
  5. Leadership and culture – rethinking how to build motivation, engagement and influence
  6. Business architecture - bridging the gap between IT and business operations to build enterprise-wide programs and drive significant value
  7. Innovation – best practice approaches to furthering innovation while sustaining a culture of continuous improvement
  8. Disruptors and disruption – finding ways to leapfrog the competition using emerging technologies and future-state processes

Download the full agenda to find out more details on the above topics and who you will meet onsite.

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