Telemedicine is catching up fast, and service providers are already proving high-quality healthcare through accessible portals online.   

FREMONT, CA: DocTalkGo, a platform that provides telemedicine services for several medical requirements, has now been launched. The platform has been designed to address the increasing popularity and advantages of telemedicine wherein a patient and a doctor can connect remotely for diagnosis and treatment of various ailments. With a highly qualified team of doctors, specialists, and other healthcare providers, DocTalkGo aims to deliver quality and affordable healthcare to all.

The repertoire of conditions that DocTalkGo supports includes acne treatment, weight loss, birth control, high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, and many more. By eliminating the need to visit a physician for consultation with a healthcare professional, the platform brings in a lot of conveniences and eliminates the need for unnecessary traveling and long hours of waiting. Sometimes there are situations when seeing a doctor is not possible, and people end up postponing their visit until the very last moment. Such delays can prove to be fatal from a health point of view. Apart from an increase in convenience, the costs see a significant reduction.

DocTalkGo has prior experience in the field of telemedicine and telehealth. The platform is entirely HIPAA compliant. The process of consultation is also extremely streamlined. Upon accessing the platform, users are taken through health screenings and consent forms. From the initial screening, it is determined if consultation requires physical examinations. Provided that no physical examinations are required, users are given appointments with doctors at preferred time slots. Another impressive facility that the platform offers is that of easy access to medicines. By partnering with pharmaceutical companies and suppliers, DocTalkGo enables shipping and delivery of medicines directly to the concerned patients.

The platform changes the conventions of disease management and makes high-quality healthcare accessible for everyone, thus uplifting the quality of life for patients.