In all aspects of its cloud, Oracle has integrated innovative technologies that enable companies to recreate their enterprises’ processes and experience. Oracle has once again revolutionized the way data is managed with the introduction of Oracle’s only autonomous database that drives, ensures, and repairs the industry's self-contained database. Oracle has broad portfolios of solutions for companies of all sizes and is the no.1 supplier of business software. 430,000 customers from 175 countries use Oracle technologies today to exploit business opportunities and to address real and tangible challenges.

Oracle is continually investing in initiatives to enhance the sustainability and development of products and services for our customers. The products offered by Oracle include autonomous databases, developer tools, engineered systems, IT infrastructure, middleware, applications overview, business analytics, customer experience, enterprise resource planning, Netsuite, and cloud products.

In order to help Oracle’s public cloud customers, the company has recently announced the establishment of a Toronto data center. Oracle’s next-generation cloud infrastructure allows companies to run conventional and cloud-based workloads on the same platform, offering the most flexibility in the public cloud. With the modern cloud regions of Oracle, it is the only company that can offer the widest, most profound and fastest-growing range of cloud apps in the industry—an Oracle autonomous database and new security services, blockchain and artificial intelligence services that all operate on its corporate cloud infrastructure.

While the use of the cloud has increased, many organizations remain hesitant about migrating to the cloud due to security concerns and the desire to protect existing investments. Public cloud offers of the first generation were not designed to accommodate traditional applications. Oracle’s next-generation cloud infrastructure is specifically designed to secure organizations of any size with unrivaled security, performance, and cost savings to handle the most demanding workloads.

At the end of this year, the company plans to open additional regions to support the public sector and defence customers in Australia, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, Middle East, and the U.S. This expansion is complementary to an existing edge network of more than 30 global sites and over 300 sensors, which offers a comprehensive internet performance data set for Oracle customers and deep edge services.