The digital marketing integration carries the potential of making a complete marketing solution, covering all the communication channels to get satisfactory customer experiences.  

FREMONT, CA: GSM, an automotive marketing company, has launched a digital marketing platform powered by AMP. The upgraded platform brings a next-generation customer experience with the capabilities of advanced audience modeling and targeting for the automotive industry. The automotive marketing company helps the clients to access data-driven strategy, technology, and creative, offering a customer-centric insight and real-time personalization through an omnichannel experience across every device and channel.

The next-generation digital marketing solution gathers and centralizes data while monitoring customer behavior across the devices and channels. The integrated platform targets across the channels, which covers cross-channel targeting, cross-device retargeting, location-based, contextual website and lookalike modeling. The omni-channel targeting provides a consistent experience indulging the client’s marketing mix, boosting engagement and brand recognition. Whereas, the cross-channel targeting allows to access the personalized content across multiple channels through paid search and social channels. The cross-device enables to deliver targeted advertising consumer across various devices.

Offering more, the digital marketing platform also helps to strategize for a location-based marketing target, audience within a specific geographic area to reach the customer in real-time. The potential of automated content analysis creates a frequent service through the website, presenting automotive shoppers ads relevant to the products of their interest. The smart application can help to target new customer base by studying and analyzing the existing customer behavior. The same characteristic expands the retargeting program of the organization delivering a benefit to the business.

GSM provides an all-round solution to know the automotive marketing people. The full-service marketing company frames a specialized digital and direct solution for the automotive industry. Creating a high impact lead generation campaigns, customer acquisition and retention programs, and marketing communications, GSM caters to personalized business needs.