Leading ERP and BPO provider Neosystems Corp struck a deal with Netsuite to partner with the company to extend its ERP capabilities to satisfy the cloud based services demand of its mid-market consumers. Based out of Tyson corner, Virginia, Neosystems is a highly acclaimed company that specializes in several fields which include Finance, accounting, IT and HR managed services. It is known for its utilization of best of breed technology to provide the most optimal combination of the services offered by the company. This partnership will allow Neosystems to add Netsuite to its existing financial and HR systems which prior to this partnership were out of the mid-sized business’ budget.

The partnership also covers Netsuit’s BPO services which Neosystems will utilize to further expand their BPO services which has had a successful run in the market with over 700 companies under its clientele and about 50,000 employees in its service. This partnership is bound to take both the companies’ stocks up in the market. “This is another important milestone in NeoSystems’ phenomenal growth trajectory. We are delighted to join the NetSuite Solution Provider Program and also become a BPO Partner. NetSuite’s impressive line-up of integrated applications aligns perfectly with NeoSystems’ unparalleled expertise in managed solutions, integration, and successful ERP implementations,Michael Tinsley said CEO of NeoSystems.