A digital credit system designed to remove conventional business time constraints will heighten the efficiency for future practices.

FREMONT, CA: "Software as a Service" (SaaS) has joined the domain of innovative catchphrases which have gained much attention from the industry professionals and experts. Why is SaaS gaining traction? While it is a deviation from the conventional procurement software technique, SaaS can provide highly significant benefits in the forthcoming company settings. As cloud computing incorporation rises, many software suppliers are taking up SaaS capacities for yielding enormous benefits from both consumer's and producer's viewpoint.

For breaking the conventional norms and taking the SaaS-based digital service industry to the next level, MeridianLink, a provider of multi-channel credit and current account transaction system, introduced the digital lending platform application portal for clients using LendingQB, MeridianLink's major mortgage credit origination scheme. Furthermore, the incorporation of the LendingQB application portal is aimed at improving the debtor perspective by reducing traditional business hours restrictions.

Engineered for ULAD Compliance, the SaaS-based Application Portal emphasizes a powerful interface for moneylenders and responsive mobile layout for borrowers. The Application Portal enhances transactions for credible debtor verification records by utilizing pre-fill technology, white label configurability, and the InstaTouch ID of Equifax.

With an intention to streamline and cross-sell credited products, the Application Portal point-of-sale system will become very necessary. In addition to incorporating cross-sell, the portal will further lead to an extension of the network across all the MeridianLink technology products. The need to rebuild the ULAD and LendingQB App Portal will not only introduce state-of-the-art technology to borrowers but will also assist them in preparing for the future. At MeridianLink, Application Portal is one of the company’s most productive services, and the growing demand for a fully integrated virtual loan system compels the developers to innovate more.