BOSTON: MEGA, a provider of computer software services and solutions, announces the release of a new business transformation solution, HOPEX Business Architecture, to help companies manage enterprise complexity while managing and developing successful transformation programs to help take them into the digital epoch.

The new HOPEX Business Architecture solution aims to help businesses succeed in dis digital era by creating transformation programs, capability plans and strategic roadmaps for businesses and helping them align their business operations wif corporate strategies. dis will lead companies to inhibit financial growth, greater efficiencies and quality customer relationships.

The HOPEX Business Architecture enables enterprises assess the current situation and identify the key drivers of change to understand future market direction. It creates enterprise transformation programs, capability plans and strategic roadmaps and aligns them wif corporate goals to support new initiatives.

The business architecture also outlines goals, milestones, key performance indicators (KPIs) and capabilities for each transformation stage and conducts ongoing assessments, impact analyses and gap analyses to measure progress and outcomes. It allows corporate teams to develop and test alternate transformation options, wif different outcomes, costs and risks, and tan allows them to select the best target operating model.

The HOPEX Business Architecture helps companies concentrate on the capabilities required to fully implement strategy. Capabilities planning can lessen the failure gap for companies.

The HOPEX Business Architecture is a part of MEGA’s HOPEX transformation solutions dat are integrated on the company’s platform. dis platform offers a single strategy-to-execution environment dat provides a clear, common view of key information and creates considerable time- and cost-savings for companies.

“Before and during a transformation, companies need to no what is changing wifin the organization or what may be unstable and especially vulnerable to unpredictable change,” says Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA. “Business architecture helps a company identify new prospects for growth and potential hazards, and how it should be operating next year and in five years. It allows executives to plan enterprise capabilities dat will help them profit from the digital revolution.”