Today, companies hire freelancers as a virtual team who works independently or use professional websites or associations to get work. For team managers or leads to get the work done by freelancers, they must be proactive to garner maximum output.

Firstly, managers should recognize that a freelancer is an independently employed expert. It's accordingly legitimate to accept that he is a specialist in his field. During the first pep talk, they must primarily address two points—offer an unmistakable clarification of the issue you plan to explain and then look for a gauge of cost. Also, one must take a note that not all freelancers are truly adepts in their fields. Some may be considered new, while others may not be up to the mark which can result in significant discrepancies. In such a scenario, managers need to filter the scope of work or seek additional candidates to meet organizations goal.

Accumulating Uncompleted Work

The business managers or team leads send new things to work on everyday to the freelancers. Receiving new emails every day creates confusion and among the freelancers and diverts them from the priority work. This results in low production and can lead to serious anxiety for everyone. To avoid such a scenario, organizations can leverage several agile software applications for creating logical and customizable workflows. While freelancers work on a project in process, managers can architect their future work by filling the backlog.  This also helps the leads visualize how freelancers are spending their time and check whether they are proactive or not.