Introducing a superior SD-WAN system with increased security will reshape the conventional market ecosystem and will further enhance the cloud-based business functionalities.

FREMONT, CA: Conventional WANs are not cloud-friendly depending on standard routers. The traditional systems typically involve all traffic from branch offices to a hub or data center office where sophisticated safety inspection systems can be implemented, including that intended for the cloud. Because businesses are increasingly using cloud-based apps, traditional WAN networks are unable to keep high rates and optimized connectivity.

For changing the conventional atmosphere of the market, Masergy, a supplier of managed SD-WAN, cloud communications, and integrated safety solutions, has launched industry-specific packages combining its Managed SD-WAN alternatives with sophisticated safety facilities. Masergy’s managed SD-WAN solution provides simplistic, reliable, and scalable connectivity, which enhances the performance of assessment, reduces costs, and boosts agility.

The latest IDG survey showed that security is the top criteria in selecting SD-WAN services for 81 percent of buyers. With profound knowledge in both software-defined networking and advanced risk identification and reaction, Masergy now offers customers with integrated and bundled options for SD-WAN security. The company’s three new SD-WAN bundles include options for:

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

UTM systems are often bundled as network security devices that can assist safeguard networks from mixed safety threats, including malware and assaults targeting distinct components of the network concurrently. This built-in capacity integrates into a single platform a variety of safety characteristics including web filtering, antivirus, avoidance of data loss and detection, and avoidance of intrusion.

Threat Monitoring and Response

Threat surveillance delivers visibility to technology experts in the network and the behavior of customers who access it, allowing greater data protection as well as stopping or reducing damage induced by infringements. Advanced protection involves 24/7 hazard surveillance and emergency response by accredited safety specialists at worldwide Security Operation Centers (SOCs) for the full SD-WAN implementation.

Managed Security Services

Extensive managed cloud, on-site and hybrid reaction solutions, including a sophisticated safety tool package with system-learning behavioral analytics, integrated threat intelligence, and 24/7 safety tracking and incident reaction.