SAN JOSE, CA: TransUnion, a global risk and information solutions provider, is now leveraging MapR Converged Data Platform to deliver its initial product offerings in the latest Prama analytics platform.

The new Prama analytics platform provides TransUnion customers with market insights and historical perspectives to enable them to make better decisions and operationalize on decisions successfully.

The platform is a new self-service environment with advanced analytics that leverages the MapR Platform and Apache Drill. The Prama Insight’s key components are powered by Drill’s interactive SQL engine and Tableau’s visualization layer.

The MapR-powered Prams Insights are based on TransUnion’s anonymized consumer credit database and seven-years of historical view of data. The Insights’ data sources include more than 85,000 data feeds from 300 million consumers.

Previously, TransUnion chose MapR for an IT-led project focused on providing their analysts and data scientists with greater flexibility, self-service access to full volumes of data and big data insight discovery capabilities. With the accomplishment of this internal project, TransUnion realized some of this content could be offered directly to customers to give them the ability to see for themselves how their decisions compare to the marketplace.

MapR is providing TransUnion with benefits such as self-guided research, performance and reliability, and seamless integration with the enterprise.

 Self-guided Research

Customers have direct access to relevant benchmark trends and performance data. Using Hadoop ecosystem tools along with innovations in the MapR Platform, TransUnion’s customers can deploy solutions with familiar SQL tools to provide fast, scalable and cost-effective features.

Performance and Reliability

Extensive control over performance and reliability enables TransUnion to monitor performance and demand by segmenting data into content area.

Seamless Integration with the Enterprise

The use of open standard APIs make it easy to bring in all parts of the organization. Multiple sources of data are linked and this opens doors to more analytics-based solutions.

“With the launch of Prama, TransUnion is pushing the technology envelope,” says Kevin McClowry, Director of Analytic Solution Development, TransUnion. “From the beginning, the MapR core engineering team understood our vision and were able to scale at the level we needed. MapR gives us the ability to meet customer needs, shift when demands change and grow in more nimble ways.”