It is essential to realize that the spread of germs can take place without people being aware of the same. Here are a few tips for maintaining a virus free living environment

Fremont, CA: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread gloom across the globe, maintaining a clean living environment has become one of the topmost priorities. One can never be too careful while ensuring clean and healthy surroundings and using disinfectants to wash hands regularly can be an excellent place to start. It is essential to realize that the spread of germs can take place without people being aware of the same. Here are a few tips for maintaining a virus free living environment.

Sanitize your Phones

Mobile phones are probably one of the most used devices in everybody's lives. They have practically become an attachment of the human body and travel everywhere along with the owner. As a result, it is essential to remember to sanitize them thoroughly after being used in an outside environment. Germs can be contacted from anywhere, and it is highly likely that these germs can cross-contaminate your living environment in the most unimagined ways. For instance, while purchasing groceries, any item on the shelf may have been passed over many hands before it ends up in a cart and finally at home. Every time a customer takes a product off the shelf, they increase the risk of contracting a virus from it. The virus is more likely to spread as in most cases, customers use their mobile phones right after shopping, or even in between the process. Hence it is essential to sanitize phones soon after they have been exposed to an outside environment. To be even more sure, customers should practice leaving their mobiles in the car while shopping.

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Unlike many other deadly viruses, the coronavirus has the ability to survive for up to three days on certain kinds of surfaces. Bringing in the mail every day can often lead to harboring pathogens without realizing it. A straightforward method to safeguard yourself from this is to filter the mail. Identify mail that is necessary from those that can wait. Leave out the ones that can wait in an isolated area for a few days before taking them in.

Opening Packages

Every package is exciting to open. It may be a surprise or maybe something you have been anticipating for some time. However, these packages can also put your life at risk. It would be safer to unwrap packages away from the living areas and discarding the wrapping material immediately. To stay safe, it is recommended to cleanse the interiors of the box with a disinfectant thoroughly.

Wash your Hands before you Touch your Face

The need to wash hands after returning from outside cannot be emphasized enough. By not washing hands or sanitizing them, there is a considerable risk of cross-contamination. Think of the virus-like glitter. Failing to wash your hands could mean you leave traces of the virus on the kitchen, TV remotes, or even your face.

Different Pair of Gloves for other Places

While gloves can be an option to keep yourself from coming in contact with the virus, it is essential to remember where you used a glove and where not to use it again. The longer you use a pair of gloves, the more likely it is to have come in contact with the virus. Separating gloves for outdoor use and indoor use is an excellent place to start. By wearing the same pair of gloves used outside, you once again increase the risk of cross-contamination inside your home. It is safer to leave outdoor gloves outside the house and keep another set for indoor purposes. The same principle is also applicable to shoes.