SAN JOSE, CA: LILEE Systems, a provider of positive train control services and solutions, announces the launch of a new Cloud-based Systems Management Suite and addition of two new products to its mobile connectivity software and hardware portfolio to simplify rail operations.

 The two new products from LILEE Systems are the TransAir Gigabit Ethernet Switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) Smart Module and the virtual LILEE Mobility Controller (vLMC).

Systems Management Suite

The new cloud-based systems management suite provides railroad operators with the capabilities to manage wayside, locomotive, base station, and back office assets which also include wayside interface units, 220 MHz radios, and train management computers.

 The systems management suite interoperates with LILEE’s Communications Management Unit (CMU) portfolio of products for ACSES PTC deployments that consist of the WMS-2000 Wayside Messaging Server, DTS-2000 Dynamic Telematic Server, and LMS-2450 LILEE Messaging Server communication gateway. 

The Systems Management Suite when combined with the LILEE Zero Configuration Client (ZCC) software, provides an automatic method to install site-specific software and management agents in the wayside and locomotive messaging servers via USB or IP access.

TransAir Gigabit Ethernet Switch with Power over Ethernet Smart Module

LILEE’s TransAir Gigabit Ethernet Switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) facilitates the deployment of devices with power requirements, such as surveillance cameras and wireless access points, seamlessly. The switch also supports LILEE’s LMS-2450 messaging server and high-speed switching and routing of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications for mobile computing and industrial connectivity.

The switch can also integrate with capabilities of the modular LMS and DTS systems. The LMS supports up to four Smart Modules or ten Interface Cards, and the DTS supports two modular slots for Interface Cards.

Virtual LILEE Mobility Controller

The Virtual LILEE Mobility Controller (vLMC) bridges connectivity between high value remote mobile or fixed assets and the back office. The vLMC can be used as an alternative for the LILEE Systems LMC-5500 appliance for network managers who choose to have the software solution hosted in the cloud or on their own data center hardware.

 The vLMC features agnostic mobility support across diverse network topologies; aggregation of asymmetric links such as LTE, Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet; and secure layer 2 tunneling to carry user traffic between mobile remote platforms and applications.

“Railroad operators of all sizes face significant challenges as they deploy positive train control (PTC). LILEE’s hosted systems management offerings provide railroads with access to proven technologies that ensure timely project delivery, comply with industry standards for interoperability, and reduce operational costs,” says Jessica Sweeney, senior director of market & product strategy, LILEE Systems. “The availability of the PoE Smart Module and virtual LMC will help railroad operators take maximum advantage of IoT capabilities to streamline operations and offer new passenger services.”