PORTLAND, ME: Kepware announces the availability of KEPServerEX Version 6 software to boost industrial connectivity platform through continuous improvement in security and operational scalability. The new KEPServerEX can buttress the productivity by automating industrial markets with its multiple language capability.

Advancements in KEPServerEX

The programmatic changes allow customers to configure multiple KEPServerEX for enhancing the security and collaboration between operations and IT. The development in core Open Platform Communications (OPC) Unified Architecture (UA) technology bestows a platform for uninterrupted functioning of OPC UA. It further enriches user experience by providing them the necessary tools required to manage the server. The developments have increased customer accessibility helping them to achieve more productivity. The Security policy of KEPServerEX entitles customers to assign security permission on each object to abate the malicious threats.

"Since the launch of Version 5 in 2009, the need for industrial connectivity has grown tremendously. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to influence industrial architectures, companies require a comprehensive solution that can communicate and analyze a greater volume, variety, and velocity of data to a wider, more diverse set of client applications," said John Harrington, Vice President of Product Management, Kepware. "We've incorporated important usability and architectural enhancements that support these evolving industry standards into KEPServerEX Version 6. Enterprise-ready, IT-friendly, and secure, Version 6 is a direct response to our customers' expanding and evolving needs."