Fujitsu Services agreed to fully disclose its pay structures after losing out on a complaint filed by Unite union members. Unite had made a request to Fujitsu for disclosure of information on the pay structure of one of its subsidiaries, Fujitsu Services (Engineering Services) Limited (FSESL). Unite suspected Fujitsu was using engineers employed by FSESL on certain work, and paying them less when compared with other engineers it employed. The Statutory Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) concluded that FSESL was established and continues to operate as an extension to the services provided by Fujitsu, and for that reason was part of Fujitsu's workplace undertakings. Hence, declaring that it should disclose the pay structure of FSESL.

Unite executive director for legal, membership and affiliated services Howard Beckett said: "This is a significant step forward for our members in Fujitsu but also a significant step forward for the trade union movement as a whole. Unite is leading the challenge to employers and Unite legal services are using all jurisdictions to ensure the best representation for our members.

"This decision goes to show that employers cannot hide behind separate legal entities to deny our members the information they need to consider pay offers."

Manchester-based Fujitsu Services confirmed to comply with the CAC ruling, and is going to release the pay structure information as requested.

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